Week 1

Hello, and welcome to my first ever blog post! Exciting!

All of these posts will act like a digital sketchbook. For those of you who are sensitive to brutal honesty and excessive cursing please turn back now.

I will be sharing what is going on with me.. good, bad, ugly, but most importantly honest.

This was my first week and FUCK it was a rough one. I knew that moving to a country where you know no one and can’t speak the language would be a challenge but JEEZ life really had some surprises for me.

I had my passport stolen THEN I find out from my doctor in the US that I need a medical procedure done on DAY ONE. Oof. So yeah coming here definitely felt like a mistake. That I was stupid to think this could ever work. What am I going to do? (I really don’t know) BUT I’m going to move forward, well stumble on, anyway.

I know i’m not stupid for things outside of my control. It’s a learning process.

Yes. I have hard days. But I also have really incredible days. I cling to the beauty and kindness I experience and I cry when I’m feeling lonely. I am a full spectrum of human emotion.

I got everything with my passport sorted. As far at the medical procedure? We’ll find out.