Kristin Sorensen

was born the youngest of eight children in Burbank, California on March 12. She grew up in a tight-knit Charismatic community that was explorative and expressive in their faith. As a result, she was encouraged to pursue her artistic inclinations from a young age. Whether she is painting a romantic landscape with gouache or drawing a portrait with charcoal, Sorensen believes in creating without judgement, understanding that themes and patterns only emerge if you let yourself experiment. Consequently, her work is varied and fluid. She incorporates her curiosity about how the mind and body relate to emotion by layering her portraits with anatomical drawings that expose how grief, pain, trauma and empathy manifest physically. Sorensen often plays with building up layers in her pieces, which sometimes take on a sculptural effect. Her subject matter and methods are always evolving, but it is the emotional connection between people that she hopes to capture in her work and evoke in the viewer. She draws inspiration from artists like Hyman Bloom, Nunzio Paci, and Kirsten Sims. She recently relocated to Spain to travel, explore more of her creative interest and expand the ideas she conveys through her artwork.



email : krismorganstudio@gmail 



2016       BFA        University of North Carolina Asheville, Bachelor of Fine Arts — Concentration in Drawing

Distinction as a University Scholar

Distinction in Art


2016            Solo Exhibition, Highsmith Union Art and Intercultural Gallery, Asheville, NC

National Conference for Undergraduate Research Group Exhibition, S. Tucker Cooke Gallery, Asheville

Group Exhibition 49th Annual Student Juried Show, S. Tucker Cooke Gallery, Asheville, Juried by Michael Reedy

Professional Work

2019 Photography and Videography for Kind Nest, Asheville NC

2019 The Drawing Room - Figure Drawing Sessions, 191 Lyman Ave Riverview Station, Asheville NC - John Mac Kah Studio

2018 Web Development, Graphic Design for Gan Shan Station Restaurant, Asheville NC

2018 Illustration, Painting for Ross Hollow Music, Indianapolis IN

2018 Movie Poster for Melrose, Los Angeles CA

2017 Photography, Graphic Design, Web Development for Gan Shan West Restaurant, Asheville NC

2017 Photography, Graphic Design, Videography for Green’s Beverages Chain Liquor Store, Columbus SC

2016 Illustration for Inkwell Press Inc, Asheville NC                   

Grants / Awards

2016            Drawing Discourse II Scholarship, Asheville, NC

2015           New S Tucker Cooke Scholarship, Asheville, NC


2016      Undergrad Research Investigates Empathy Through Biology and Art, Sarah Carballo, UNCA News Center,

March 2016


2016       30th Annual National Conference for Undergraduate Research, University of North Carolina in Asheville